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The Lewis Gift Set

Introducing the Lewis Gift Set. A few of our personal favorite all-natural Brooklyn-based products, tucked into a limited edition zip pouch along with an eye mask and wishes for some good sleep. 

We wanted to do a limited edition zip pouch filled with a few things that we'd personally love to receive, that would make the recipient feel good, and that wouldn't break the bank for the gifter. We landed on a very select group of all-natural products from two of our favorite all-natural beauty companies:

The Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil by Palmero Body includes Lavender, Blue Yarrow and Cypress. We dab this on and use as perfume. It smells amazing + feels instantly calming. 
Hydrating Facial Toner by Palmero Body has Rosewater + Chamomile with Aloe + Witch Hazel. A spritz of this in the morning + a night has become our daily reset-button ritual.
The Lavender Mint Lip Balm by Soapwalla is a calming + fresh combo of herbs that's become our hydrating lip go-to. 

We have tucked all of these into our pretty limited edition zip pouch (waterproof lined!) and an organic muslin eye mask. 

We hope you + your gift recipients love this self-care gift set as much as we do!

Liz + Lizzy

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Lewis Pop Up at Rebecca Atwood

Would love to see you there! 

Address + directions here.



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Our New Mom Self-Care Must Haves

Most new mothers will tell you it's difficult to take care of yourself while you are quite literally giving all of your attention + energy to your newborn baby. We've gathered up a few items we relied on in those blurry days. Some we found ourselves, and some were generous and thoughtful gifts from friends + family who knew exactly what we needed. Not shown here, but should not be underestimated: a walk with or a phone call to a friend or sister who, above all, will listen and offer cloud-like words of encouragement or to sit with your baby for an hour while you shower/nap/run to the grocery store.

We'd love to hear what you relied on for self-care after having a baby. Email us!, 

Burp Cloths - used for everything: to wipe up the spit up, to use as quick + easy nursing coverage or mini blanket for under baby, to cry into when you can't control the waterworks!

A little pick me up - An unexpected gift from a friend who said this is an “It’s all going to be okay” spray. We adore this facial spray from Brooklyn-based all natural beauty company Palermo.

Hand Soap + Hand Cream - You wash your hands 80 times a day, so it’s nice to have something that smells good. And then helpful to have a good (and nice-smelling too!) hand lotion that’s gentle enough for baby too.

Binge-worthy Entertainment - for the pockets of downtime when visitors are less frequent and you're not getting out of the house as much as you'd like. Our favorites right now:
TV: Parenthood, Ozark
Podcasts: Armchair Expert, Of a Kind

Nursing-friendly pajamas - Everything you wear after having a baby needs to be nursing friendly, but most importantly your pajamas. We love this Maternity Set from Lake.

Water bottle - Nursing makes you insanely thirsty, so it’s helpful to have a water with you at all times. We are in love with this pretty one. These straws will help deliver the water faster, which you’ll appreciate.

Healthy Meal Delivery Service - we both agree that not having to think or plan what to eat was such a gift as a new mom. We were lucky enough to have friends and family bring over homemade meals or send us gift cards to meal delivery services. Daily Harvest would be a great purchase with their delicious healthy smoothies that take one minute to make, and one hand to sip!  

Nursing Tank Essentially worn as a bra so that no matter where we were, or what we had on top of it, we didn’t have to expose our whole stomach to breastfeed.

A daily walk outside - It might not happen until 5pm, even when you start prepping for it at 9am, but it makes all the difference. We love these sneakers here.

Something to record baby’s feeding schedule. Liz used the old-school method of writing down her feeding schedule: Lewis x Appointed Workbook. Lizzy is considering this app.  


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Our Newborn Must-Haves


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Newborn Essentials

Swaddle ($36) - The multi-purpose big sister to the burp cloth. We use them for traditional swaddling, but also as a blanket, a stroller cover, a place to put baby down on the go.

Baby Soothing Oil ($22) - A gentle oil for baby’s sensitive skin after bath.

Nose Frida ($16) - Nothing gets those baby (or Toddler!) boogies out like this must-have tool.  

White Noise Sound Machine ($29.99) - Reminds baby of all the noise they heard the first 10 months in your belly, and drowns out your noisy household while baby sleeps. 

Lewis Sleeper ($48) - You don’t need much clothing in the beginning, but you sure do need sleepers ! Dress, dirty, wash, repeat. This style is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Burp Cloth Set ($20) - Our MVP of newborn essentials. We use these to wipe up, wipe down, cover while nursing, place under baby’s head while changing on the go. Everything. They’re small enough to keep on you always, and pretty!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($12.74) - Use for absolutely everything. Diaper rash, dry skin, boo boos, protect cheeks in winter. Buy in bulk, you’ll need very few other, if any, ointments.

Soothing Cleansing Gel ($12) - We love this hypoallergenic fragrance-free baby wash which is specially formulated to minimize allergic reactions.

Miffy Light ($99) - Low lighting is a newborn must. Dimmers on overhead lights, shades on windows and a night light to see what you’re doing in the middle of the night. We love the iconic Dick Bruna Miffy night light for the soft glow and durability of its silicone material.

Rock’n Play ($49-99) - Where the baby hangs out best when not being held. We both used this for baby’s first nights at home and any time we needed two hands.

Changing Table Hold-Everything ($38) - Diaper needs at the ready and looking neat + tidy in this chic little carrier. Use it later for holding art supplies! 


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Our Moody Pink: Mauve

A Serene Pink for Fall

Ever since we started printing in Mauve, we've been head-over-heels. Neither of us owned much of the color prior, but we were on the hunt for a deeper alternative to our beautiful blush. We found our answer in this warm mix of pink with a touch of blue, and since then, we seek it out everywhere. If you're looking for something a little more moody but still ultra soft this season (or really year round), see our mauve nursery + twin offerings here.


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