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  • We recently found out that Louise has a borderline allergy to milk. So far, the worst of it has been managing birthday parties that always include pizza and cake. But a highlight has been trying new things that feel just as much like a treat–especially when that treat comes from your friend’s mom who tracks down a dairy-free “Nutella” for you as a gift and then keeps one on hand at her place so you always have it. It’s always the village!
  • I’m turning into the cliche parent who says things like “It goes so fast!” and “I don’t feel 42! In my mind I’m still 25.” On a recent trip to the bookstore, I found myself feeling all the emotions as I shopped for a gift in the baby board book section. If you have older kids, have you found yourself in this same position? It’s emotional! The books I’ve read hundreds of times made me teary. Some nights, you’re dragging yourself through each page or find that you’ve gotten to the end of the book thinking about something else entirely. Most nights, you take in the words, the images, the feeling of the main characters, the setting. And after reading them over and over, for years and years, they really become a tiny little part of you. Oh how cozy and quiet to sleep amongst your fellow barnyard friends at the end of a long day. What it must feel like to stomp through the woods on a great family adventure. How beautiful to connect with the animals around us. It all comes flooding into my heart and head, just standing there in the baby section, looking through these beloved board book pages that crisp and crack as I turn them over, ready to make memories with their next family.
  • The key to every great salad dressing, and curiously what has our kids hooked on lettuce.



  • Loving this pretty clothing line I recently discovered.

  • Dutch Babies are a staple in our house. They feel fancy and fun even though they’re very simple. We started making them after we learned about them from my sister, and since then have passed the tradition along to other families! We often pack in extra eggs for protein or spices for a change. We always serve them for breakfast, but some friends serve them for dinner, too!

  • At a recent memorial service a granddaughter talked about special traditions when she visited her grandmother. Her special summer visit to her house started every year with new pairs of pajamas for both siblings, sitting on their dinner chairs. I might be biased, but I loved the idea of this tradition and act of giving through something that is cuddly and cozy and you wrap yourself in after a hot bath, ready for bed. They represent such a sense of security, when gifted from someone that loves you so much.

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