As a new parent, when everything seemingly changes in an instant, the love for your surroundings, belongings and environment shouldn’t have to.

- Liz + Lizzy, Lewis Co-Founders + Moms

Natural Neutral

We love finding ways to invite nature and greenery into our space. Here are pieces for a serene and happy nursery, grounded in neutrals, textures, and pretty greens.

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Swaddle - Oyster | Agave Swaddle Lewis Swaddle - Oyster | Agave

Oyster | Agave

100% organic muslin

$ 28
Swaddle - Blowfish | MarineSwaddle - Blowfish | Marine

Blowfish | Marine

100% organic muslin

$ 28
Crib Sheet - Alligator | Bay BlueCrib Sheet - Alligator | Bay Blue

Crib Sheet
Alligator | Bay Blue

100% organic muslin

$ 38
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Love From Mom

“The quality is great and well worth the price. They held up well after washing, which very few baby PJs - even nicer brands - do not. I will be buying more from Lewis!”
- Sophia S. Shop Pajamas
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    Home Edit: Wallpaper

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    How to Set up a Dresser

    Setting up your changing area in the Nursery is one of the most important pieces of the room and how you spend a lot of time with your baby in the early days. Here...

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