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@ministylemag | Huntsville, AL | Palm Twin Sheets

Lewis in Your Home

We love seeing how you use Lewis products in your home! Here, a few Lewis customers share their homes - each with its own unique and personal style shining through.

@margeaux17 | Brooklyn, NY | Seaweed Crib SheetSeaweed Twin SheetsStingray Duvet


@littlethingsbyjulia | Pound Ridge, NY | Mini Radish Throw Quilt


@nancy.l.sall | Jamestown, RI | Inverse Parsnip Quilted Shams | Norwalk, CT | Stingray Sheet Set



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Rounding Out the Room

There is no greater joy then spending time with loved ones who don't live close by, so creating a special room for their stay is super important to us. Using our Seaweed twin bedding shot as a base, we pulled together some more ideas for a beautiful + comfortable room to make your guests feel right at home. 

Top image: Donnellan Platform Bed, Sea Fan Coral (similar), Inverse Seaweed Duvet Cover, Seaweed Sheet Set, Inverse Seaweed Pillow Sham, Seaweed Throw QuiltRose Pearlman PillowCat SculptureMorris Side Table, Victoria Morris Lamp, ClockLohals Rug 

Bottom image: 
Floor Mirror - Let them give themselves a once over before heading down for breakfast
Carafe and Glass - so they don't need to ask
Maison Bengal Basket - for blankets, books or laundry
Vintage Moroccan Rug (similar) - layer over Jute rug for added texture + color
Uroko Pillow - A nice added graphic pattern to layer with Seaweed. 
Moen Wall Mounted Hooks - Help them unpack + organize easily
Petite Un Accent Table - simple + beautiful, for resting the book or baby bottle
Lionel Chair - comfortable for one or one-plus-a-little-one
Floor Lamp - low lighting for when you don't need much

Interiors Roundup

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Rounding Out the Room

Interiors Roundup

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Mauve Bedding Room Roundup!

Starting any room from scratch can be daunting. Sometimes you already have a piece of furniture, a rug, or a piece of art being recycled into the space and you can work from there, but sometimes you don't ! I always tell people to start with a piece that catches their eye and work off of that. It doesn't have to be huge like a couch - it can be as simple as a gorgeous vase, an accent chair, or a wall color. For this kid's room, I started with our Mauve Twin Bedding set and worked from there. Ultimately I always want a room to feel cohesive, but never all in one style (no hotel or showrooms !). I look to have ranges in tone and texture, and always try to have a few surprises in there. Below is why I chose what I did to go with our Mauve Bedding for this round up.          xo, Lizzy

1. Quilted Pillow Sham - Inverse Parsnip | Mauve 

2. Nelson Thin Edge Bed with Cane Headboard - I heart this bed. It is light, classic, textured and warm. It can work in a kid's room of any age or a guest room. it is just the right amount mature with a warmth and sweetness from the cane headboard. A higher price tag, yes - but it can be used in any house, any bedroom, any year... It's a lifetime piece ! 

3. Adesso Chelsea 2-Head Desk Lamp - I thrill at a good Target find !! The Black of this lamp helps increase my tonal range in this room, the two heads are the ultimate convenience for two beds. And again - Target ! 

4. Denim Ticking Woven Jute Rug - Like with the lamp, I'm always conscious of including a full range of tones in a room. With white walls and pale bedding this means working darks in elsewhere. In addition, the darker colors help reduce the "girly-ness" of the space. 

5. Spyro Nightstand - Nightstands and I often don't get a long. I rarely like their shapes, and most look cheap to me even when their price tag says otherwise. Yet, side tables often don't provide enough storage for a lived-in room. This simple rounded shape, single drawer, and space for books below make this one perfect between these beds. 

6. Twin Duvet Cover - Inverse Parsnip | Mauve 

7. Twin Sheet Set - Mini Radish | Mauve

8. Le Coffre Toy Box - Just because it's a Big Kid room doesn't mean toys dont need their place ! I also want to make sure the mauve doesn't live on the bed alone. This dusty pink brings more of this color family into the space.

9. Half-Dipped Planter  - plants make every space warmer and happier ! 

10. Multi-Storage Three Door Oak Dresser - I LOVE the versatility of this piece ! Functionally it would work in a nursery, any age bedroom, a playroom or an office. It has a lot of space to hide a lot of clutter, and while big, its simple shape and whiteness make it light and airy anywhere. For this room in particular I love that the higher height brings your eye up, so everything doesn't feel too squat. Bonus for plants and books on top. 

11. Mouse Chair - a sweet little stool so that for the first few years at least the room still feels sweet and young. I love this unique back. The company has a Mouse Bench too that I adore. 

12. Greta Belly Basket - Because, Laundry ! And more pattern, more texture, more dark tones. 

13. Genuine Australian Sheepskin Rug - Lots of textures in any room might be the most important thing to me. Whether this lives layered on the Jute, or on it's own in front of the dresser, I personally have these in almost every room.

Interiors Roundup

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