8 Neutral Storage Solutions for Every Room

No matter your personal taste, if you have children, there are a lot of bright primary colors in your life. We love neutral, natural, and textured containers to conceal, albeit for a moment, all those brightly colored pieces. The neutrals are calming, and can shift from room to room fluidly, adding warmth to any situation.

(From left to right):

KUGGIS Box with Lid
Ikea, $7.99
We use these for legos and art supplies. Great size for storing on a shelf + stackable!

Amalfi Harvest Basket
McGee & Co., starting at $98
A much prettier clothes hamper!

Woven Palm Bowl
Connected Goods, $45
Love this bowl for holding little baby items on the coffee table or counter–a little teether, a pacifier, a grasping toy, a rattle. Equally as useful + pretty as a snack tray with a napkin placed inside.

Sundak Storage Basket
The Citizenry, starting at $135
A really interesting texture variation on the neutral toned baskets we’ve all come to love.

Palm Storage Basket, Tall
Food52, $65
A great looking all-purpose basket for any room in the home, helping corral all the things that need it--toys, laundry, throw blankets.

Wood Storage Crate
Walmart, $34.13 for set of 2
We love this simple clean shape to contain a mess. Great for under the bed storage!

Striped Floor Basket
The Little Market, starting at $108
Nice and big for corralling stuffed animals or dolls.

Wide Weave Leather Basket
Terrain, $178
A little more sophisticated for when you need to stash things in the living room or at the front door. We love the change up in texture.

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