You Might Also Like: Positive Things + Fancy Forks

pictures of our families from this week playing at the park and taking a bath with the dog.

You Might Also Like 

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Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • Have you seen the new documentary, The Way I See It? The former White House photographer (for Reagan and Obama) Pete Souza talks about what it was like to spend most of his career following and documenting every moment of every day of two of our most iconic presidents. He, of course, has an incredible eye, and getting a behind the scenes look at those moments is worth a watch itself, but I was also so impressed by his stamina (he worked around the clock for 8 years straight) and his humility. He talks a lot about the compassion shown by both men, during private moments and public ones, and the contrast to the present day made me cry. We watched it when it first debuted on MSNBC, but now you can rent it various ways here

  • More than ever, I love hearing from artists right now. I don’t know if it’s just a welcome change of opinion from the news or just simply seeing things through someone else’s eyes or the reminder that a new way of thinking + seeing can be simultaneously weird and beautiful. Maybe all of it. But this short video of artist + designer Peter Shire in his home, sharing various and unconventional thoughts, made me happy. 

  • Positive things to say to your children. I think I give pretty positive feedback to my kids, but some of these are so sweet—I can almost feel my 8yr old self fill with love at the thought of hearing these messages. Some of them even made me teary! Calligraphy by the amazing Maybelle. A few favorites:

    “I love being your parent.”

    “I can’t wait to hear about it.”

    “Seeing you makes me happy.”

  • I’m always on the lookout for more hooks to organize more. Everything needs a home! These really caught my eye when I came across them last week--I’m going to add a handful to my kid’s bath for towel hanging. 

  • This is a great Brene Brown listen on burnout and how to complete the stress cycle. It was a real “a-ha” moment for me when they discuss working through a stressor. As they listed some of their favorite ways, I realized I’m not able to use many of my tools both because of the pandemic and a third child. Good lightbulb moment of the importance on working those back into my schedule (somehow). 

  • We’ve been doing some sourcing for an upcoming photoshoot. I found this flatware on Amazon, which looks every bit the part of its more expensive peers (I won’t name names). I think it’s the perfect party / holiday flatware (no matter how small your parties or holidays are in 2020). 


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