You Might Also Like: Distractions + Fluted Furniture

You Might Also Like

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WHAT A WEEK! Here to offer you some distraction:

  • If you haven’t yet watched Schitt’s Creek, there is no better time, so get on it. It is pure laugh-out-loud joy. And if you’ve already watched all six seasons, have you seen the Schitt’s Creek Farewell? It’s an inside look at the making of the final season, including interviews with the cast and hearing from creators Eugene + Daniel Levy about how the show came to be. Such a genius show that brings a lot of love and laughter.

  • I have been loving the trend of furniture with fluted details out there right now (found basically everywhere), so this DIY really caught my attention. I spent way too long going down the rabbit hole of how-to with this one (watch in her DIY highlights), given that I know it's not in the cards for my schedule right now, but if you have the time, how gorgeous is the result?

  • Raduga Grez, the most beautiful wooden toy maker out of Russia, just came out with these gorgeous stacking rings, representing the range of skin tones. Given the craziness of the time we’re living in (writing these links with no election outcome!), give me all the pretty things to stare at. I want these on a shelf in my living room. 

  • Comfort food seems to be on people’s list this week (for very obvious reasons!). Healthyish just reminded me of this most amazing soup. I think I posted it a year or two ago, but since I needed the reminder, I thought you might too. It is easy to make, and classic comfort with a little bit of a twist.


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