You Might Also Like: Pink Person + Tiny Sous-Chefs

You Might Also Like

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  • We put together a great storage roundup the other week, and then I came across this beauty. Of course it’s Ikea, those geniuses. This generously sized box looks great on casters, as they show, and even without, it would be perfect for holding kids bulky stuff / toys or as a shoe catchall. Since I’m now working from home, I’m thinking of stacking a couple to help me organize samples and strike offs. The whole Ravaror collection is worth checking out–all pieces designed for function and flexibility. 

  • We’re shouting it from the rooftops, our Tabletop collection is finally here!! We’ve been working on this since before Covid, and it’s coming out at a time when gathering together for shared meals has a totally new meaning. It’s always lifted my spirits to set our table for dinner. (Well, since James was old enough to stay seated and mostly use a fork–things he’s still working on!) Cloth napkins and a lit candle are such simple little mood boosters for me. And I feel this now tenfold. Especially as the light wanes, especially as my desire to do dishes really wanes! We need a little change up! We’ve been using our Pods placemats and napkins this week, and the bright color on these dark rainy nights has felt outright joyous. (I keep saying I’m not a pink person, but maybe I really am!) Bodega flowers help. Decent family feedback to a new meal helps too! :)

  • I’m going to try to keep calling out some small businesses I love and support as we’re officially in holiday gifting time. And to keep on the tabletop theme, the candleholders from Philly-based Lostine are so beautiful. Could you put a little loop of pine branches around the base of the candle on these to make them look like angels? If not a total fire hazard, so cute!!

  • India loves being given an assignment in the kitchen (thanks to our cute new kid’s aprons she can help in style), and this knife set that my mom gave her last Christmas is our go to ! She is so good about using the finger guard and can really chop any vegetable we ask her too. This set is a great holiday gift for tiny sous-chefs.

  • This Nike Ad 🙌🏽✨. Imagery + message on the heels of such a glass ceiling shattering week gives me chills.

  • This sculptural piece brings me such joy. How beautiful would it be on this ?