Setting Up the Nursery

Setting Up the Nursery

You will spend a lot of time in your Nursery, so it’s important that it feels warm and welcoming as well as functional. To start, it helps to break down the space into three key areas, adding form and function to each, for a thoughtful Nursery you and your child will enjoy for years.

Nursery Setup

Sleep / Rest

Your baby will sleep a lot in the early days, and maybe not always in the crib!, but it’s important to have a comfortable, safe place for Baby to rest, stretch and play.

Crib, Crib Bedding, Swaddles, Noise Machine, Artwork, Mobile, Wallpaper


Feed / Snuggle / Read

This zone will be used a ton, so make sure you’re comfortable. Have something to prop up your feet and rest a bottle and glass of water. And have Swaddles and Burp Cloths at the ready.

Rocker, Swaddle, Burp Cloths, Books, Side Table

Nursery Chair

Change / Store

Ideally, the Nursery is a space that your baby can grow into, so we’re big fans of using a dresser as a changing table. This is a zone where you and Baby will do a lot of interacting, so it’s important that the dresser is the right height and that things are within easy reach.

Dresser, Changer, Clothing, Diaper Pail, Caddy: Diapers, wipes, cream,

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