Neutral Nursery Round Up

We have so many beautiful neutral crib sheets! We wanted to help you create a nursery around them using natural materials and tones with a few solid moments of color to help ground the room. 

Clockwise from top left:

Lewis Crib Sheets - $38 - We like to think all of our crib sheets work for all genders, but we're sure everyone can agree we have some very pretty greens, navys and browns that are beautiful options for a tried and true neutral nursery.

Lewis Owl Print - Starting at $55. We love the combination of this beautiful snow owl in our Wheat color, combined with this natural wood frame.

Lewis Swaddles - $28 - Swaddles are always laying around a room--a great opportunity for extra complimentary colors or prints.

Hampshire Olive Green Crib - $599 - This olive green is a unique crib color that is the perfect base for planning a room's color scheme around. 

Faux Orange Plant Similar - $34.89 - We always like to see some greens in every room, and the pop of orange really help liven up this nursery.

Beaufort Plaid Indoor/Outdoor Rug - Starting at $130 - Indoor/Outdoor are not always the coziest but they are the most durable, which is super important as baby gets older. 

Braided Jute Rug - starting at $89 - Layering the rugs helps bring warmth that an indoor/outdoor rug might lack.

Metal Column Floor Lamp - $59 - We always need to sneak some black in a room for the highest color contrast. 

Sanjay Ottoman - $299 - This ottoman is a sweet resting place for your feet or a book.

Vitra Chair - $317 - This chair is such a pretty blue, and great for those who don't have a very large nursery. 

Round Rattan Basket - $34.99 - One can never have enough baskets in a nursery or kid's room! 

Monarch Single Dresser - $699 - we love this delicate but contemporary dresser that will work in any bedroom for years to come. 

Opphem Mirror - $39 - Rattan helps warm up any room, and the oval is perfect above this dresser. 

Lewis Changing Pad - $35 - A changing pad cover is another opportunity for great color or print addition!