You Might Also Like: Substack reading and Spring daydreaming!

A rundown of what we’re doing, watching, reading, coveting.
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  • I’m so inspired by the beautiful way artist Alyson Fox connected and collaborated with her grandmother. Dreaming up a way to do this with a friend or family member. Plus, yes to reviving the surprise party that is developing film!
  • Lately I’ve been devouring newsletters that I’ve subscribed to. I love going back into my inbox when I have the solo quiet time and reading through them one by one. Long form, but not too long. One I’ve been loving for a while now is Youngna Park’s Making It Work. Youngna has had a varied career (she was most recently at NY Times Parenting) and her 1x/week newsletter touches on all these areas of interest. Her relevant parenting topics speak to me (her kids are about Louise + James’ ages), and I always discover something new in her recommendations at the end of every newsletter–for me + my kids–a show to watch, an article to read, a book her daughter is loving. Highly recommend checking it out for free here.
  • We’re playing a lot of this game lately. James can’t read the words as quickly as his older siblings, so he and I are usually on the same team, and I’m reading the prompts out loud. Brings up some fun debates! Can you “put things into” a sandwich or is a sandwich inherently filled; as in wouldn’t it just be bread?


  • We experienced a very serious home fire on our block this weekend. Beyond reminding us how fleeting it all is, and what to value, we decided to double down on fire safety, both in what we own (window ladders, etc), and family escape plans. Does your family have a plan in the event of a fire ?

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