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  • James’ favorite Christmas gift is the closest thing to the old family garage filled with wood scraps and tools


  • 25 years after suddenly losing my mom, I’m still untangling the ways grief has shaped me. Certainly one way is deeply feeling for anyone experiencing their own loss, and as the years tick by, another is the growing curiosity of how this trauma and loss has become such a part of me. So I was super interested to listen to Anderson Cooper discuss grief with Steven Colbert. They describe in personal detail their own big losses in life and the grief that has shaped them. Colbert’s thoughts on grief in particular are so relatable to me and beautiful in a way I could never express myself. 


  • I’ve never been to Chick-Fil-A, but its sauce seems to be of culinary folklore. I was curious to see if I could find a recipe online (there are many), and even though I have no idea how close it comes to the real thing, this recipe is officially the only dipping sauce I ever want from now on. Except I swap the lemon for pickle juice! So delish!

      • I can't stop making soups this January! Especially this one. There’s something so comforting and cozy about a chicken soup with rice noodles and ginger and tumeric


      • All three of my babies ask to wear their Fishy PJs almost every night! None of us can get enough of the sweet blue or fun flounder. ❤️


      • I Absolutely adore this documentary with Jonah Hill and his Therapist Phil Stutz. A friend described it as a warm hug, and it is, but it was equally cathartic / sad for me. I could have watched three more hours of these two together. 
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