You Might Also Like: Smoothies + "Everyone", by Amy Schumer

You Might Also Like

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  • I can’t help it, this is me every single Spring. But Winter 2020 really upped the ante this year, so watch out!

  • My friend was recovering from surgery and also threw her back out. Such terrible luck! With two little kids and a demanding day job, I thought she could use some easy nutritious meals, so I sent her some Daily Harvest smoothies. I ordered some for myself during quarantine last year when I wasn’t taking the time to prep a real lunch. I was at home anyway, so throwing things into a blender was a great remedy to the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I often opted for. (I love a pb&j but not every single day.) Their Mint Cacao smoothie, with a couple medjool dates thrown in, tastes like a genuine mint chocolate chip milkshake! 

  • It brings me incredible joy to use things that are made by hand—when you can so clearly see the marks, the indents, the intention, the wiggle. It truly makes my heart sing. And there’s nothing quite like this intersection of handmade and utility than ceramics, which is why my heart beats so loudly for them, why my home is filled with them and why I stop in my tracks when I discover a new one. Incorporating Molly Bernstein’s mug into my morning coffee routine would be a mini celebration.

  • This made me laugh so very hard. And I went back to her profile a few times to watch and laugh again. 

  • This sweet book was in constant rotation this past summer, and we’ve come back to it lately, reading it every night. I love the imagination behind this explanation for the phases of the moon. 

  • This beautiful cover took my breath away. Beautiful talented Amanda Gorman, and this amazing dress by Virgil Abloh. She does not disappoint in the Dior, Alexander Mcqueen, Y/Project, or Studio 189 either.

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