You Might Also Like: Kids Lawn Chairs + Cupcake Decorating

You Might Also Like

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  • The most used (and fought over) item in our home is this kids folding lawn chair that we got at a stoop sale for $3. It’s the perfect little pizza perch for James when we have movie night, but it gets used in every room + then tucks away at night. It’s such a bummer they don’t make this tie dye style anymore, in lieu of cartoon characters :( And it seems hard to find this brand online :( This Peppa Pig one isn’t all that bad, as far as characters go. This one is a little over the top but also kinda cute. And this is a nice plain one with the option for an umbrella.

  • “Breastfeeding is wonderful when it works, but god help the mother when it doesn’t.” If you need it, this post is here to give you permission. 

  • I’m getting my first vaccine next week. Hallelujah! There are two upcoming exhibits in New York I can’t wait to see: Alice Neel’s People Come First at the Met, one of my favorite portrait artists I studied in school. And Jonas Wood’s Four Landscapes at Pace Prints, a collaboration with master printer Yasu Shibata where each print required between 12-24 wood blocks, all carved with traditional hand tools. Extraordinary. Can’t wait to see these and more in person soon!!

  • Spring is here, and the bright colors blooming everywhere are making me want bright colors on my body too. I love the simplicity of this Ilana Kohn Billy Dress in Blazberry Blue.

  • I know I mentioned The Skinny Confidential last week, but this week I listened to their interview with Guy Raz. I am a long time consumer of How I Built This, but this was the first time I’ve heard Guy on the other side of the interview. He is a gem, and I loved hearing his story and his work with his podcast. 

  • Mathias turned one last week ! India was very into planning his “party” (cupcakes outside with neighbors). She recently discovered my Darcy Miller book, Celebrate Everything and has spent a lot of time studying the parties we can have (truly my daughter). She voted to put little plastic animals on cupcakes for Mathias. I bought these animals, and it was the simplest way to dress up a very basic cupcake. The kids were thrilled!

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