You Might Also Like: A Word a Day + Mother’s Day

You Might Also Like

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  • My friend Erin designed this t-shirt to benefit AAPI Women Lead. She says of the design, “Growing up, an Asian pear signified the love of an elder, a costly and precious fruit given for our nourishment and pleasure. These pears, while native to Asia, are now grown here. To me, they represent how all of us — our parents, grandparents, those of us who immigrated here and were born here — we belong here.” You can shop + learn more here.

  • How amazing are these pipe cleaner faces? Bookmarking this for our next rainy day craft project.

  • I love everything calligrapher Bryn Chernoff does under her calligraphy studio, Paperfinger. Her new Daily Invitation set is as beautiful in presentation as it is in practice and ritual. Each day, you select a card with a word (beautifully written of course) that can serve as a compass, a reminder, an epiphany. I’m feeling a little frazzled on the heels of too much virtual school, so I welcome the excuse to pause and ponder right now. 

  • I’m always on the hunt for more storage, and I’m loving these sweet scalloped baskets. They’d be great for toys and stuffed animals. 

  • Have you checked out our Mother’s Day Pouch ?? We love putting these together every year, and every year I also love thinking of special women (moms or not!) that could use a moment of appreciation and self-care to send them to. We did this pink pouch especially for this gift, and it just feels like the happiest thing to receive in the mail (filled with good smells, yummy tastes + pretty colors) from a loved one. 

  • And if you’re looking to spend much more for Mother’s Day, these portrait pendants from Ariel Gordon Jewelry are so sweet. I’d love to have my three babies and one fur baby around my neck like this.

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