You Might Also Like: Barbie + Sun Coverage

You Might Also Like

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  • Racquet Magazine is a beautiful publication celebrating the art, style and culture of tennis, and they always feature incredible artists. This image from their latest issue made me laugh. It’s part of a series of photographs by artist Christine Farrara in which she recreates iconic tennis images for an article on the intersection of Barbie and tennis. (!!) Waiting for it to arrive so I can read this hot topic!

  • “I believe that the things you notice–that you love, that make you pause–make up who you are. And so it feels, in a way, like those things a part of you, even though they are outside of you. Which makes me wonder if it would be more accurate to say, perhaps, that a piece of you is kept alive by a part of them.” Part of an excerpt from Jonny Sun’s new book, Goodbye Again. It’s worth reading the whole (not long) piece here.

  • Our XL Zip Pouch is back! In our new cute print, Echinacea! We added a muddy coral-colored zipper to it this time for a bit of a happy retro vibe. I can’t wait to use this all summer—sunglasses, spf, baseball cap, snacks, Spot It. All in one place, ready to GO.

  • I’ve mentioned before that Supergoop Glow Screen is my favorite non-makeup / makeup (the tiniest bit of coverage and the perfect bit of glow) + Sunscreen in one. I thought I’d mention it again, since it's on sale here as we enter prime sun months! 

  • Since I follow Dax Shepard anywhere (I know a lot of you are with me), I listened to Brene Brown interviewing Dax and Tim Ferris a while back. I loved the interview so much (such amazing sound bytes from such different personalities) that I went back and relistened a few weeks ago. The take-aways are so solid, that I enjoyed it just as much the second time around. 

  • Adding this Janessa Leone hat to my summer wishlist. I don’t think I’d take it off for three months straight!

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