You Might Also Like: Another Wallpaper Install + Organized Snacks

You Might Also Like

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  • We just installed our Lewis x Chasing Paper wallpaper in Louise’s room, and I’m obsessed! After we got her this pretty rug, she’d mentioned that her room felt “very pink” which I got the sense wasn’t her preference. So together, we chose Magnolia in Bay Blue, and we’re both in love with it.

  • It’s officially slipper weather. I have these in brown that I wear almost every day, and I’m loving them in Navy! And, right now they’re on sale!

  • We have been in the annoying cycle of common cold dominoes over here. Which in the age of covid doesn’t feel common or easy. At the beginning of the week, I was feeling a little under the weather and immediately popped some of my go-to cold fighting wellness pills. My friend turned me on to them years ago, and they remain a medicine cabinet staple. The other thing I always turn to is honey. Honey in tea or hot water or sometimes just a teaspoon on its own. My friend swears that Manuka Honey has kept him sick-free for years, so of course I now use that too. But my kids prefer the classic honey bear. I recently gave James some “honey tea” to soothe is cough before bed. I find it really works!

  • This little sconce has been going strong for years, first under our bunk beds and now as Louise’s primary reading light. I was happy it didn’t require any electrical installation and adds a nice warm glow that’s perfect for nighttime winddown reading. 

    • We’re officially the last people to watch Ted Lasso, but we’re doing it !! We saw a friend the other day at drop off in this sweatshirt. Feels like either the perfect easy halloween costume (just add a visor + whistle!) or a great Holiday gift for a super fan.

    • Major turns three (!!) this Sunday and he keeps requesting dinosaurs and BLUE. So I have these cake toppers on the way and plan to make the blue version of this cake. Also I found these too late, but I’m very into these dino party hats

    • We’re always on the go on weekends, whether it’s around the corner to soccer and or a few hours in the car for apple picking. I am constantly refilling this pouch with snacks to toss in the car. At this point I just keep it half-packed from our last car trip, and I top it off before our next. It lives in the snack drawer and makes my life much easier!

    • What book do you read over and over again? I just put my browning and creased Love Story on my bedside table, which I haven’t read in probably 10 years. It has long been a favorite + always gives me a good cathartic cry. I’m hoping a quickie like this will get me back to my pre-children reading habits.

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