Peel + Stick Wallpaper Install!

Disclaimer! I had initially hired an installer but got impatient when I didn’t hear back and did it myself. I say this because it’s totally okay to not do this yourself! (I wasn’t planning to do this myself, and for my second room, I did not!) And, if you’re curious, I’m here to tell you that you can do it!
-xoxo Liz


Wallpaper 1
When my Arugula | Spruce wallpaper arrived, I taped up one panel, just to be extra sure I liked it! I did! :) 


Wallpaper 2
There was paint on the wall already and I’d stamped on top of that paint, but the walls were very smooth otherwise (which is key!), so it was okay to install this right on top.


Wallpaper 3
We have a link for this toolkit on all of our product pages, and I found these three tools in particular to be very helpful!


Wallpaper 4
Start in a corner or edge to make sure you stay square, smoothing as you go. Line the next panel up along the edge, getting as close to matching up with the repeat as possible. 


Wallpaper 5Continue along, giving yourself pep talks along the way if you need it. (I did!)


Wallpaper 6
Ta-da! (Not pictured: some moments of stress, but once I got in the groove, I found it pretty fun and satisfying.)
Feel free to reach out with any questions! 
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