You Might Also Like: Make your own bats + Go-To Host Gifts

You Might Also Like

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  • Do you know the comedian Tony Baker? John and I have been dying over his animal voice overs. If you need a good chuckle, check out this one and this one. Speaking of funny things, I cannot wait for this on Sunday.

  • We’ve been doing a little homemade Halloween decorating around the house. My favorite, year after year, are the paper black bats we hang up on the wall. If you just tape it at the wing, they flap around a little, making them a little extra spooky. You can find the stencil here or just riff off of the tutorial here.

  • We just launched our Fall Collection of Clothing, including our new Women’s Sweatshirt–this time, a hoodie! I’ve been living in mine this Fall and am so excited to have this bright color carry me through Winter!

  • I have full-on tennis fever. And if you have a tennis player on your gift list, listen up! I’ve mentioned this before, but I love the amazing Racquet Magazine, a beautiful intersection of art, culture and tennis. I devoured the Andre Agassi autobiography, Open, and have String Theory on my nightstand for my next read. If you’re in Brooklyn, check out Court 16 for lessons. I love Coach Nick! Pair any of the above with our cute baby bag (no one needs to know that’s what it’s called) for the cutest ever courtside bag! 

    • I have been wanting everything I see in Olive Green this season. I impulse bought these leggings after dragging my heels about replacing my very very old workout gear based on color alone! This sweatsuit also has my eye, as does this great Cardigan and these (almost sold out!) boots. Of course this makes me also love our new Flounder sweats even more too (not quite olive but oh so pretty)!

    • Ordering myself this cute Mango Jumpsuit. I love a one piece for ease - they’re great mom uniforms when you’re in the churn of get-up-and-go.

    • I’m always on the hunt for great Host gifts. We recently stayed with friends and I was  stumped on what to send them until I remembered this great Tory Burch Pitcher. I’ve gifted it in blue before, and am loving the brown for fall.

    • Mathias has been home sick this week, and seeing him cuddled on the couch under our Pods Quilt reminds me just how much I love this print in denim, and the way it dances in patchwork. Also, it’s on sale !!!

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