You Might Also Like: The candy bar that brings out my inner Willy Wonka. + Story Bedtime Help

You Might Also Like

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  • I am drawn to any clothing item that remotely resembles upholstery. I can’t help it. So when I saw this quilted vest, it was love at first sight. I bought it not realizing that I’d wear it all. the. time. It’s been dressing up my t-shirts + jeans and layering over thin blouses + dresses like a dream. Also, it’s the perfect added touch of warmth I need now with the temperatures dropping. Cute, versatile, cousin of a pillow–I’m in love.

  • It’s that time of year again. One of my favorite illustrators, Leah Goren, is doing custom pet portraits for the holidays, and they are so cute! I treasure the one she did of our sweet old lab a couple years ago.

  • I can’t stop thinking about this most perfect piece of candy my kids got while trick or treating. It’s a genius combo of flavors that brings out my inner Willy Wonka.

  • Did you read the genius parenting tip on Cup of Jo this week? Joanna talks about a strategy she’s using with her eight year old who doesn’t want to talk about his feelings. It’s such a sweet idea, you must read it. It’s also a great reminder for me to stay creative in my parenting roadblocks–one of the roundabout ways will surely get through!

    • I’ve mentioned before that India loves listening to stories on Spotify (every morning at 6 am, Thomas The Tank Engine is telling his tales). So for her birthday this year I am getting her a Tonie Box. We have several friends with them and many use it as a tool to help their kids go to bed on their own. We have created a not-so-great habit of laying with India and Major until they fall asleep, so I’m excited that the chance to lay in bed and listen to stories might create some independence around bedtime. Here’s hoping anyway!

    • OSpeaking of stories, I’m preordering my copy of Latonya Yvette’s The Hair Book, illustrated by Amanda Jane Jones. I love it based on the cover alone, and have loved following along with Latonaya’s journey for quite some time (including her current reno of The Mae House), and our house loves Amanda’s book, Yum Yummy Yuck, already!

    • Have you seen what Barrett Prendergast is packing in our diaper bag for baby #3?? Love seeing all the necessities lined up with this pretty bag we made with Loeffler Randall. You can still get your own in pink or green (I have the pink and use it like a regular tote!).

    • So many things from the Aime Leon Dore x Woolrich Collection I’d like to buy Josh for Christmas! But really the whole line is always amazing--would love to get him this great coat.

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