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  • One might say I have expressed my love of the Command hook too many times, here. Well, there’s a new adhesive hook in (this) town, and it’s found its way into my heart–the mop + broom hook. These awkward but necessary cleaning supplies are finally off our tiny closet floor, and it feels like a whole new space in there. Is this an overstatement? I don’t think so.

  • I’m trying to branch out from our usual family meals and found a winner in the Greenest Pasta dish from The Weekday Vegetarians cookbook. Everyone gobbled it up! And, I have enough leftover pesto for at least two more meals. Win win!

  • Bring on the holiday flavors! Mostly when it comes to ice cream :) Van Leeuwen has debuted its Pumpkin Cheesecake and Peppermint Stick, both of which I’m serving next week. Can’t wait to try!

  • I’m hosting a crafternoon with my family next Friday. If I’d had my act together ahead of time, I would have considered this cute how-to nativity set from The House That Lars Built. Instead, we’re going to make shell angel ornaments, one of my favorite holiday crafts. Might have the little little ones make a paper version instead.

    • I rarely buy flowers for myself even though I love having them around. I love this sweet paper Winter Floral Centerpiece as something bright and festive on the table this season, that lasts a little longer than the real thing.

    • My friend recently gave me tooth floss from her line Ojook, and it's amazing ! Not only does it look so nice in it’s little glass jar (that you can buy refills for), But the minty flavor with the added surprise of salt is delish. Can’t wait to try her toothpaste too.

    • Listened to this Armchair Expert episode twice because Paul Bloom has so many insightful things to say. And actually, Dax does too in the fact check!

    • Putting in all my orders for our gift set today! They’ll go snail mail to friends who have big thanksgivings to host, a secret santa, and a few neighbors that are always going out of their way for me. It’s thoughtful, useful, and each piece is a little nicer than you might buy for yourself. Best yet, if you’re giving it in person there is plenty of room in the pouch to sneak in something personal - I’m adding homemade granola to one, and some tapers to another.

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