You Might Also Like: Beautiful Dinosaur Rug + Alligator Nursery

You Might Also Like

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You Might Also Like

  • This beautiful photo collection made me cry. I had many takeaways, but mostly 1) take more photos, and really, let more photos be taken, 2) saying goodbye, in all its forms, is the freaking worst, and 3) lucky are we, especially in covid times, that goodbyes happen at all and are so hard.

  • Always on the lookout for cute dinosaur things. This rug caught my eye. Would be a super cute landing spot for little feet next to a big kid big.

  • It’s that time of year again when the stores are filled with candy in preparation for Halloween. Luckily that also means that my favorite chocolate maker, Tony’s Chocolonely, offers the bite-sized version of their huge delicious chocolate bars.

  • We are finally getting our Bay Blue Alligator wallpaper up in Mathias’ nursery and it is dreamy! I can’t wait to share the final result !!

  • I am always searching high and low for great volumizing shampoo + conditioner. Between naturally fine hair, and 5 years of postpartum hair, and the fact that I categorically do not blow dry it,  my head needs help! Over the years I’ve found a few that I like, but most are super expensive. After a recent google deep dive I found this shampoo and conditioner, which are moderately priced, and so far are real winners for a little extra boost!

  • I love tall boots for fall and winter and I’m dying for these for everyday, and these for nights out (as few and far between as those might be :).

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