You Might Also Like: Tennis Skirts + PJ Sale!

You Might Also Like

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  • We have our big End of Season Sale happening right now and our pajamas are at their steepest discount ever, so go stock up! Our super sweet doll bedding is also on sale and a great gift price point at $22!

  • Last year, our family in Utah got us hooked on these delicious pretzels made by a family-owned business in North Dakota. At the time, they weren’t carried anywhere on the East Coast, but now you can buy them at Target! Their seasoning is so good, and they’re extra salty, which is my kind of pretzel. 

  • I’ve been trying to get in some tennis practice lately with hopes of competing for the first time this fall. And naturally, I want to look the part :) Skills might be in question, but at least I will look serious! (You know, get the gear!) This high waisted tennis skirt is cute, but I am really drawn to the old school pleated skirts like this, this and this that bring me right back to my team sport days. I don’t think 19 year old Liz ever thought 41 year old Liz would ever wear a pleated skirt again! haha!

  • This story from the Olympics really got me. ❤️

  • Can you believe our PJ sale ?? We’ve never priced them this low before ! Hot tip, that they really make the sweetest gift, so if you stock up you’ll always have something to reach for when visiting friends. 

  • So proud to see our Quilted Muslin Blankets in Margot Mcgee’s nursery reveal.

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