You Might Also Like: BFF Bracelets + Is It Too Soon?

You Might Also Like

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  • I was gifted this dress for my birthday, and I love it so much. I’ll pair with boots in the fall. I love this more summery dress of theirs too, also gingham!, but read a review that it’s see through. Nothing a little slip can’t handle if that bothers you.

  • I’ve had a couple long drives recently and have been tearing through the SmartLess podcast. It’s hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett. One of them brings on a guest to the surprise of the other two. The best part of it is how quick they all are to bust each other’s chops–I could listen to them jab at each other all day. I’ve been working backwards, so I haven’t gotten to the earliest ones with incredible guests like Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph and Kamala Harris. A few standouts from the ones I’ve listened to so far have been Zach Galifianakis, Ryan Reynolds, and Megan Rapinoe, who they totally gush over but she deserves it.

  • My love for Loeffler Randall knows no bounds. Lately I’m super into the beaded jewelry they’ve been doing. These heart bracelets would be the sweetest sister or BFF gift–one for her, one for you.

  • I know we have a whole month of summer left to enjoy but for some reason my brain is focused on back to school (I keep trying to turn it off!). This will be our first year with three headed out the door in September and I am loving this soft brown colored backpack for Mathias. I also know that the second mornings get a little chillier we will be in our full sweatsuits every single day. 

  • Along the same lines, I’m disinterested in all the summer sales (a first!) because all of the incoming fall clothes look so great. My eyes are thrilled to see richer colors and patterns. I can’t get enough of Hunter Bell’s fall line. I’ll take this dress and this cute set please.  

  • I’m reading Once More We Saw Stars right now, which is one of those beautiful memoirs that is so tragic you almost can’t recommend it (about a couple’s loss of their very young daughter). I’ve been searching my brain for the proper explanation of why it feels important to read and then the author said it perfectly himself (while overhearing parents complain about mundane things involving their children). He calls it “unexamined happiness” and “the unspeakable luxury to still worry about…” whatever the thing may be (cupcakes in this case). The phrase unexamined happiness really stopped me in my tracks--the great fortune of so many of us to be blasé about the greatest gifts there are in life, children or otherwise. This book has made me hold all three a little tighter this week, and has helped me see even the chores in it all as such great treasure.

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