You Might Also Like: Simple Way To Calm + Packed Pouch Sets

You Might Also Like

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  • We picked Griffin up from sleepaway camp this week, and ohhh the flood of emotions seeing your baby after 3 weeks!! He had a lot of adventures to tell us about–feeding a rescued owl, capsizing and losing a canoe in a rapid, polar bear swims before the wakeup bell. Lots to be excited about, and it was heartbreaking to hear him tell us how homesick he was, how he cried alone in bed at night. Gah! Makes me teary just thinking about it. But the incredible thing was what came from those really hard times–how he found solace in drawing and chatting with the art teacher and how he learned a breathing technique from his friend! that really helped him. My heart nearly exploded. How incredible are kids?! It’s gutting to hear how sad he was, and so inspiring (for us and for him) to know he found his way. 

  • Growing up, I didn’t swim in pools that much. I took lessons one time at our YMCA and distinctly remember the instructor telling us kids that a red ring would surround us if we peed in the pool. The horror!! To this day, when I’m in a pool, I fear that I’ll let out a little pee by accident. I recently read that it's not the chlorine itself that gives that pool a smell. That it is in fact a combination of things interacting with it (sweat, body oils, and yes, pee!) that give a pool its smell. How crazy is that?!

  • While we were up in Portland, Maine over the weekend, we stopped into one of my favorite shops, Judith. It was SO nice to see + touch clothing in a store for the first time in ages! There’s always so much to discover at Judith from beautiful independent designers.

  • Give me all the quilted vests for fall ! 

  • This is my (+ Majey’s!) very favorite Oliver Jeffers book, and I’m so excited he’s coming out with animal and numbers editions.

  • Because of summer weekends away and restaurant trips I haven’t unpacked my Echinacea Pouch Set in ages--the same things are used on repeat ! Small-things-that-get-lost in one, makeup in another, play dough and markers in the third (And XL gets packed every weekend full of water bottles and snacks !).

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