You Might Also Like: High-Rise Undies + Summer’s Hottest Toy

You Might Also Like

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  • When I was anticipating my first delivery in the hospital ten years ago, I couldn’t believe it when my mom friend told me to pack an extra bag for the hospital stuff I’d want to take home. What hospital stuff?! And a whole bag of it?! She was really just talking about the high-rise disposable underwear. And she was right. A whole bag’s worth, please. Gap stopped selling my favorite postpartum-lookalike ones, but I’ve recently discovered a new one at Uniqlo. And they are wonderful. In all their high-waisted, seamless, full coverage glory. 

  • I forgot how delicious this Tuna marinade is. (We don’t add the sugar or jalapeno but could be interesting to try.) It’s our go-to every summer when we get fresh fish. Highly recommend it if you’re cooking some fish this summer too!

  • Oprah says that you don’t need to ask anyone else for their opinion of what you should do–Do I need these shoes? Should I move there? In true wise-woman fashion, she says that if you “get yourself still enough, so that the presence of all that is can offer its guidance to you. And when you’re still, regulated and calm, the answer will come.” And that the most important question to ask yourself is “what do I want?” Not always easy to sit in stillness, and I totally believe this to be true. The answers are there. A great interview with Oprah here.

  • Smitten with these scalloped dhurries

  • I keep eyeing this skirt because it would be so cute with our women’s sweatshirt (just a few units left!!). 

  • India and Major are taking soccer classes right now, and a few weeks back another mom in their group brought one of these for each child with their names written on them. They’ve literally been the most asked for “toy” for weeks now. It’s always the simplest things!

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