You Might Also Like: Required Marg Ingredient + Baby Registry

You Might Also Like

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  • My friend from New Mexico said this is basically a required ingredient for making margaritas, and she is right. It’s delish!

  • I love Louise’s tevas so much that I want some myself, but considering I’ve mentioned my love for many a sandal already this summer, I’m holding back. But seriously, they look cute with everything she wears, including socks. 

  • A conversation with friends debating (Men’s) Chaco sandals as city-appropriate attire led to recalling this hilarious Portlandia skit, quickly followed by this one. Ah, too good!

  • I ordered Josh these bitters for father’s day because he often makes mocktails for all five of us for dinner. We’ve been adding them solo to our machine-made seltzer at night and they really make for a delicious and refreshing drink. I’m looking forward to trying their bitters + soda drinks too! 

  • I’ve slowly tossed all of my sporty shorts over the years, in favor of leggings, but this weather really makes me wish I had held on to a few pairs. This pair keeps catching my eye in IG ads. I like the high waist, baggy look, and curved cut. 

  • I was discussing what a lifesaver the Dyson Cordless Vacuum is last weekend (the thrilling things moms talk about!) with friends, and another mom said that above all else, THIS should be on baby registries ! I couldn't agree more. We didn’t invest in one until we used one at a friend's house (and already had three children), and now I don't know how I survived without it. It makes daily vacuuming so easy that if you have kids and dogs you should not be without it.

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