You Might Also Like: Rainbow Bathing Suit + "Live Your Life"

You Might Also Like

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  • I recently picked up this cute bathing suit for Louise. The elastic rainbow straps are straight out of my 80s childhood. So cute!

  • This tinted face sunscreen is advertised as “a serum, oil, moisturizer and sunscreen all in one,” and I am here to confirm it! I’ll still use my go-to face sunscreen if I’m out in the sun all day, but for an everyday lightweight sunscreen, this is hands down the one.

  • My friend Joanna reminded me of the time I used acrostics as place cards. I’m mailing Griffin a letter every other day or so while he’s at sleepaway camp and thought it was the perfect fun thing to send. I miss him so much!

  • Official Pride might be over, but we’ll be celebrating all year long in our cute T-shirt. There are still some left!

  • I'm a third of the way through Amanda Kloot’s  touching memoir, Live Your Life. I was drawn to reading it because of her incredibly positive outlook and faith throughout this tragedy (as seen via social media). The book is so well written you feel both like you’re right there with her through the good and the bad, and also like she’s your best friend. It’s a beautiful story of love and loss. I can barely put it down, which is saying a lot since I haven't been able to complete a book since last summer. 

  • We’re headed to the beach this weekend and I’ve been eyeing all the cute summer things. Like these cute leather sandals (almost sold out!), this perfect backyard barbecue dress, and this cute romper, perfect for hanging out at the pool.

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