You Might Also Like: Puffy Jacket + Summer Whites

You Might Also Like

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  • I recently purchased some stationery from one of my favorites, Moglea, to send to Griffin at camp, (hope this one doesn’t embarrass him! I love it!) and picked up a few other cards to have on hand. I love their hand painted ones like this one. So so beautiful. 

  • I know this is a ridiculous time of year to be discussing outerwear, but we were upstate this week during a cold snap, and this puffy jacket saved me once again. John got it for me last year, and I had no idea I’d become so attached. I wore it all Winter + Spring under cuter coats. And when packing to go upstate, I threw it in last minute because it’s so light and compact, it takes up no space. Little did I know, I’d be living in it. 

  • We watched the new movie, Luca, this week and loved it! I thought it was genuinely funny and the message was super sweet. Big thumbs up over here from our crew. 

  • Can’t wait to listen to this.

  • I’ve mentioned my love of white dresses before. I have two that are in constant summer rotation, and a bunch of you asked about the one I wore on our IG live, which was an old Sea NY dress. I’m always lusting after new white dresses I can get in the mix, like this one, this one and this one. Also, the ClareV dress I mentioned a while back is on sale right now (heads up: I’m told the fabric is almost a denim weight - great for fall!).

  • Major is really into puzzles right now, and we only have a few so we do them over and over again. I’m adding this and this to our collection, which should hold interest for the next few months!

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