Liz + Lizzy on Micro Packing

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Liz + Lizzy on Micro Packing

Summertime means moving around more than usual, so staying organized is key to everyone’s happiness! Take a look at how we’re keeping everything we need within easy reach.

Packing Hero


I had to start carrying tissues for the first time in years when I got a random cold that was going around. Always band-aids, hair ties, lip balm and ear pods.

The biggest zip is usually reserved as my toiletry bag while traveling, full of the usual SPF, tinted and not, my favorite wide tooth comb and this new face spray that feels so refreshing on hot days! If we’re going to be out all day, I’ll use it as a carryall zip and throw in hand wipes and a non-perishable snack.

Griffin, 10yrs, is going to sleepaway camp for the first time, and I’m planning to write him constantly, so I’m using the medium-sized zip to carry pens, stamps and stationery–our cute color-in cards for James to help me and the “can’t stop thinking about you” card from Moglea.



Post-Covid restriction indoor restaurant trips have been a rude reminder of what it's like to eat out with little ones. I have vowed to never leave the house without paper, crayons, and playdough again. Plus I never leave the house without a handful of snacks in case of tears, hunger, or bribes. Snacks cure all!

I still have two in diapers! This means a pouch of diapers, wipes, and a burp cloth is basically glued to me. I throw a water bottle in here because it fits the best, and a comb for emergencies.

Collector of all little things for all of us. Mints, pacis, hair ties, lip gloss, mask. I never need to dig around for the tiny pieces.