You Might Also Like: Art’s Influence + Wallpapering Lewis

You Might Also Like

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  • One of my favorite artists, Sandra Javera, is inspiring me to try a new medium with this recent cross stitch work of hers. Love it so so much.

  • Ever since we debuted our cute Seal Sweatsuit and Dress, friends have been sending me seal references. This one is too cute! Reminds me of this sweet children’s book, I Want a Dog

  • I loved this beautiful example of the power of art, as told by Bill Murray during a dark time in his life. Such a good reminder to seek it, to keep our eyes + hearts open for it, and then for me personally, to pass this curiosity on to my kids.

  • I’ve been eyeing the rattan and seagrass glasses and serveware all summer, so I was super happy to see this Seagrass pitcher + these glasses that still have that woven feel, but are also a little warmer and heavier for fall table setting. 

  • This might be polarizing, but I’ve found myself defending Kim Kardashian now and again because for better or worse, I think she’s great and am a long time fan of KUWTK. This interview posted this week really made me feel vindicated in my defense of her. 

  • Have you browsed our new wallpaper collection with Chasing Paper, launching next week (you can order samples now!)?? I’m papering Mathias’ room in the Bay Blue Alligator and India + Major’s room in the Denim Mini Radish. I’m so excited for the finish product ! Next I’ll figure out what my powder room and kid’s bath needs.

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