You Might Also Like: Best Base Layers + "Welcome to Holland"

You Might Also Like

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  • A friend recently introduced me to ARQ, a line of organic cotton undergarments, and I’m in love! I’ve been wearing them as pajamas this summer, and they’re so so comfy. I’m going back for more because it’s all I want to wear now.

  • A big dream came true for us this week. We launched a collection of wallpaper with Chasing Paper, and we truly love every single one! We are each in the middle of installing the papers in our own homes (more soon!) and are loving them. Print really does change everything.  

  • With school + fall activities starting again soon (🙏) I’ve got to get our meal planning back on track. And while I’m not vegetarian, I love vegetarian meals, so I’m excited to check out Jessica Seinfeld’s Vegan, At Times and Jenny Rosenstratch’s The Weekday Vegetarians for some inspiration heading into Fall.

  • This poem “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Perl Kingsley, was shared with me by my pastor last Sunday. The author is specifically referencing having children with disabilities, but this beautiful piece could be applied to a lot of expectations we have in life, and I keep thinking about it.

  • There are no words for what is happening in Afghanistan right now, but these voice notes on The Daily are tragic, chilling, disheartening, and feel important to listen to. I don’t have personal experience with any of these organizations but trust Zach Ischol’s suggestions here, of how to help.

  • Josh loves heritage grains for their nutritional benefit, richer taste, and lack of processing. He often buys from Anson Mills. I'm excited to try this Heirloom Masa as my next gift to him! 

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