You Might Also Like: “Spa” Day with Kids + Vin D’Orange

You Might Also Like

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Photos of Lewis family this week in pajamas around the house.

  • In collaboration with @newyorknico, the New York City MTA has launched new subway + bus announcements featuring the voices of over 25 beloved and iconic New Yorkers reminding us of mask use, social distancing and general courtesy while riding. Some of the first to launch are Jerry Seinfeld, Whoopi Goldberg, Edie Falco and Cam’ron. Such a fun way to welcome people back to using mass transit + giving them even more reasons to love New York. Here’s a video announcing the project.

  • I dream of a dedicated work space again one day. How gorg (and quiet-looking) is this one?

  • We’re coming up with all sorts of new ways to spend our indoor time together. Recently, we had a little at-home spa afternoon and used these cute animal face masks. Farthest thing from a “spa”, but it was fun + actually felt pretty good! The kids mostly loved the “dress up” factor. :)

  • I have a terrible Black Thumb, but we built a new deck this winter so it’s time for me to remedy that! I asked a dear friend and talented landscape architect what I could start with now, that would be easy for me and great outside in the warm weather. Among other suggestions, he said a lemon tree would be easy breezy, and bloom and fruit and always smell delicious. So I’ve been cautiously taking care of one of these, and it is so gratifying to see his branches stretch up, and bright green leaves pop out. I just bought him this beautiful planter and now I’m really over the moon. Can’t wait to see blooms! 

  • Speaking of our new deck, I’ve been wondering how we’ll ever furnish this new space when we still have needs inside. Then Studio Mcgee magically announced a new outdoor line for Target and I couldn’t have been happier. I quickly ordered this loveseat and this table. I’m debating these dining chairs from Bludot, but I’m still on the hunt.

  • This is a lot of outdoor talk, for all the snow we’re having. But thinking about being able to spend time outdoors soon is the only thing getting me through. I saw this vin d’orange recipe linked last night by Samin Nostrat, and it not only sounds delicious, and is a beautiful color, but it takes 30 days to marinate, so it seems like a perfect countdown to warmer weather... Weekend project!

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