You Might Also Like: A Great Book + Cornbread

You Might Also Like

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  • I didn’t know what a conservatorship was until I watched the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears. And it turns out, I had much more to learn about this iconic pop star and the forces that have contributed to her current legal battle.

  • Griffin and I just read this book together and could not put it down, staying up way too late to finish it. Our hearts hurt and burst over and over for the main characters, two Somali orphan brothers who grew up in a refugee camp. (It’s co-authored by one of the brothers.) It’s a graphic novel, so it goes quick. I’ve been telling all my mom friends about it. Cannot recommend it more highly.

  • Maybe you already knew that you can take screen grabs on your iphone by tapping the back of it, but I did not. A friend recently did this in front of me, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Game changer.

  • Last spring when we were living in Rhode Island my mom made us this cornbread and the kids went bananas. It became a thing where she would bring a skillet of it over in the morning and it often didn’t even last all day. Since we’ve been back in New Jersey we’ve made it so regularly we now keep buttermilk in our fridge. Who keeps buttermilk in their fridge? We’ve even taken on the tradition of dropping it off at neighbors houses, and it works great with all purpose gluten free flour too. If you love cornbread, it's super easy + yummy!

  • Southern Charm being over has left a void in my week, so this week I dove head first into Pillows + Beer, Craig + Austen’s podcast. If you enjoy their banter on the show, and want to take a break from your brainy or intense podcasts for a little...pillows and beer, literally 😂, they’re your guys! 

  • One of my best friends gifted me this sweatshirt for my birthday. I love it not just because it gives back or because of the fun colors, but also because Clare V has been one of my favorite brands for 10 years, and I really look up to her for the brand she has built. I not only love her product, but I love seeing the channels she has expanded into, I love her graphics, her aesthetic, her style, and her online banter.

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