You Might Also Like: Covid Care Packages + Spring Whites

You Might Also Like

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  • My friend’s child recently got covid :( and I was trying to think of something to send them. I wanted an all-encompassing Covid Care Package, which to me is something beautiful, soothing and a little indulgent. I was surprised to not find much that covered these bases, and even more surprised to not find much marketed to these times. (Seems obvious for a gift box company, no?!) One pretty random idea I came across was this Butterfly Growing Kit, which is cute, especially for a kid, and would give them something to look forward to each day. What I was really searching for was something like these beautiful gift boxes from Valleybrink Road! but I thought of it too late :( I ended up going with fresh flowers for my friend and the best candy for her son. Any other ideas out there?

  • Like many of you, Lizzy and I have been working from home for almost a year. We’re multi-taskers by nature (I think most moms are?) but the multi-tasking we’ve been through this past year has been off. the. charts. We’re constantly referring to our wonky brains. How can I start a sentence and not remember how to finish it?! Just when I was starting to worry about a real problem here, this NYT article shed some light on why I’m feeling like this and the small changes I can make to help. 

  • We went to visit our new warehouse this week and to meet our team there in person for the first time. It was so exciting! To celebrate, we brought the most decadent cookies from Levain Bakery. They do local deliveries in NYC and they ship nationwide!

  • Have you felt that sun strength ? Give me all the whites and nudes for spring please ! 

  • I can’t verify any of this information, but a dermatologist friend reposted it, and I can say that if it’s true, I’m thrilled not to have to go down the all natural deodorant rabbit hole anymore ! And if I'm being honest, I actually stopped going down it a while ago anyway… I’ve been boycotting deodorant and just wearing my Dove on days it seems especially necessary. I’d be happy to not feel guilty about the Dove ! 

  • My new go-to weeknight cookbook, recommended by a few dear friends. Makes me very tempted to check this out too.

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