Winter Pick-Me-Up: Pajama Party!

Pajama Party Hero

We're finally starting to feel the tiniest bit of spring here in NYC, but February was rough! As a way to break up the monotony of this quarantine winter, we offered a few friends the chance to throw a Lewis Pajama Party, movie-night style! We sent three families a box of goodies, including movie tickets, candy, popcorn, paper crowns and of course Lewis pajamas and blankets. Here's what they had to say. We hope this inspires you to do the same!


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James Family


"Since the pandemic we had to be creative with time indoors, so we started weekly PJ parties, and let’s be real, we were all living in our PJ’s for a while =). Our kids love snuggling up, playing some games, eating their favorite snacks and catching a movie. When we got the package from Lewis, it was filled with goodies and even a curated experience that felt like they were going somewhere, and to create that during the pandemic is priceless."

The James Family | Harlem, NY 

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Currie Family


"My kids thought this Lewis Pajama Party was the most special thing ever. They magically all agreed to the same movie, savored every bite of their dedicated candy box (no fighting over a shared bowl!), which allowed us parents a much-needed uninterrupted cocktail hour!"

The Currie Family | Aspen, Colorado 

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The Zimolong Family


Come Friday evening - it's movie night in this house. Time to unwind and all meet on the couch with popcorn in your pajamas for the whole family. Lewis has the hands down coziest pajamas. My kids love to match and I have a weakness for adorable patterned pajamas for the kids. We have been cozying up together to watch Tom and Jerry the movie (it’s been on repeat lately). Isn't everything better in your pajamas?

The Zimolong Family | Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

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