You Might Also Like: What Artists See + Our Unsung Hero

You Might Also Like

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  • Our friends at Loeffler Randall opened their beautiful new shop in Soho last week! My friend and I took our kids this past weekend, and it felt like walking into a warm jewel box of Spring. Louise and her friend tried on their pretty headbands and had us try them on too. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, but it was so cute! We got the Rust colored one to share :) If you’re in town, I highly recommend stopping by, even just to take it all in. Your frozen eyes will thank you. 

  • In college, I sought out the art history classes from the head of the department because he was an incredible lecturer. They were always at 8am, which in the dead of winter in Maine is pretty brutal. But if you can be delighted + inspired by Italian Baroque Art for an hour and a half every week in your snow-sopped pants, it is something special. I think about those classes a lot lately as I’m not visiting museums as much. This little snippet from the amazing Roz Chast and The Met is not an art history class, but it scratches the itch for me. I just adore her unique and funny perspective on Italian Renaissance painting here. The entire Artist Project series shares the perspectives of artists viewing certain pieces at The Met. Explore it all here.

  • Speaking of funny and adoring, Amy Poehler’s interview on Armchair Expert is worth a listen. Funny, humble, human. Loved every minute of it. 

  • I read this Cup Of Jo reader quote a couple of weeks ago and it really stopped me in my tracks. It’s something that so many people say in different ways all the time, but this vision really got me! I pictured current India and Major knocking on my front door, having not seen them in a while, with a quiet house behind me and my heart broke a little bit. For as hard as it all is, the things that come out of these little mouths, their tiny voices, little bodies, and all the love. I can’t imagine a time when all three wont let me smother them in kisses, and I know it’s coming in a heartbeat ! 

  • Liz gave me this meal planner for my birthday, and I’m so in love. Last Sunday night I sat in bed with this planner, my cookbooks, and my Fresh Direct cart open, and figured out our week ahead. It’s super satisfying to use, and the “to buy” portion of the pad is perforated, so if you’re shopping in person it neatly tears right off !

  • Our burp cloth sets really don’t get the love from us they deserve !! They are the unsung heroes of the diaper bag, the car clean up, and for us now with less and less baby needs (but let’s be honest, still plenty of clean up needs), the kitchen for us ! The burp cloths I'm not using for the kids have made their way into our kitchen towel drawer, and Josh is always mentioning that they’re his favorite to wipe a counter or a table with. Plus, as always, ours add this little square of beauty to your life for all the messy ways they get used.

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