You Might Also Like: Firework Candle + Comfortable Masks

You Might Also Like

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Photos of the Lewis family this week - celebrating a birthday morning in Lewis pajamas and bedding, and siblings napping in the car.

  • One of my go-to ways to clear heart + mind over the past crazy year has been The Class, especially when I can’t get outside. It’s a great reset button for these times. And no equipment needed. They’re offering a free two week trial if you’re interested!

  • For years my brother has shown up at family birthday parties with this candle in tow to help notch up the pyrotechnics, as big brothers do. We got our own for Louise’s 8th birthday this week, and it was like her own little firework display on her birthday cake. Which was super exciting, especially right now. Maybe too much for the littlest kids (James was a little in shock), but my two older kids absolutely loved it.

  • Thank you Leslie Jones for the daily lols.

  • A golden hour and a half of Jerry Seinfeld, being serious and sharing his routines and his drive with Tim Ferriss. A real gem of a podcast, as is any recording of Jerry talking about his world.

  • We have yet to give India or Major a device in the car. Something I’m not patting myself on the back for, but I just know how hard it would ever be for me personally to reel that back in. We recently discovered Disney Storytime on Spotify, and neither one can get enough - we’ve even been listening to them in the house ! I love having music on, but it's a nice reprieve from the constant fight of which Frozen song to play, and they both sit and listen so intently. 

  • I promised myself I wouldn’t buy more masks (even though there are some really cute ones out there), but recently decided all of mine had been washed too much, and were looking unstructured and sloppy. I found this mask on Etsy, and bought it. It is my first mask that I can literally forget is on my face (I didn’t realize I was driving with it yesterday!), plus I love the gingham.