You Might Also Like: Binoculars + Can’t Not Talk About Amanda Gorman

You Might Also Like

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  • “If we merge mercy with might and might with right, then love becomes our legacy and change our children’s birthright.” Amanda Gorman’s poem The Hill We Climb is a thing of beauty + no doubt left a mark on everyone who watched her deliver it so beautifully at Biden’s Inauguration. Griffin watched it in school and said he liked the beat and that it felt like a musical performance. I agree. 

  • We recently explored an area on the Jersey shore that we’ve never been to before. James insisted on bringing binoculars, and the kids all took turns using them. We looked at birds on the water, spied on people far away from us, took note of far away details. Such a simple thing made our outing feel like a real adventure.

  • For a couple years now, Griffin has been making his own cakes, following no recipe. With varying results because of that! :) He’s learning. I recently signed him up for an online baking class to encourage him, and he loved it. Love might be a strong word for a kid who loves to ski + skateboard and goof around with friends and really loves fart jokes. But he really enjoyed it. And was really proud. He used new tools like the food processor and experimented with new techniques like adding citrus zest to whipped cream. It was a nice way to break up an otherwise pretty mellow stretch of the day while I hope giving him ideas for his next solo creation. 

  • I have so many links swirling around I’ve wanted to mention, but who can say anything without first mentioning the amazing Amanda Gorman + The Hill We Climb ?!?! I don’t have words for how beautiful and powerful her presence and her words were, but I will take that poem in again and again for many months to come. Her words had strength, beauty, hope + calm in a way that comes around once in a lifetime. I don’t have anything revelatory to add to the chorus of praise, but that girl has it all, and I can’t wait to see where else she goes in life. I’m also excited to preorder her kid’s book Change Sings for my kids. 

  • You might have seen our re-story of @whatsgabycooking bringing her sweet baby girl Poppy home from the hospital in our radish kimono 🤗. It is such an incredible honor when people choose our kimono as a “going home” outfit, so this was such a thrill to see! This inspired me to use recipes from her site for all our dinners this week. We’re two dinners in with two more to go, and so far they are delicious and easy. I have made this and this, and plan on making this and this tonight and tomorrow (I’m back in my early pandemic meal planning mode, and it makes life so much easier). 

  • How sweet are these kid’s room + nursery tours on Mother Mag ? They make me want lots of wallpaper, and the nursery especially tugs at my heart strings. That dusty pink trim is perfection.