You Might Also Like: Booze Stat + Homemade-ish Bread

You Might Also Like

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  • Have you heard of Drizly? I hadn’t until recently when I wanted to send a much-needed bottle of wine to an overworked overparented friend. Stat. And viola, Drizly popped up in my search. It partners with local wine + liquor shops and delivers within an hour. And they offer gifting, so you can send a message and conceal the price. Send it right away or schedule it for later. If you’re unfamiliar with the local wine shops in your friends’ area, this is the perfect resource! You can see the areas they’re serving here.

  • Today is the last day to order for Christmas delivery! If you’re behind, like me, you could send a cozy New Year’s care package, since we’re all at home this year, making the most of it. Here’s what I’ll be sending: Cocktail napkins to help make it festive, Color-In Cards for the kids (or doll bedding if they love their babies as much as Louise does!), and a Zip Pouch Set with the promise of traveling to see each other soon! If you want to send a little more, there’s nothing cozier or cuter to ring in the new year than our Peace pajamas. :) 

  • I’m behind on my holiday cards this year (you see this “behind” theme?), but I’m determined to get them done this weekend! If you’re looking for a cute digital card, Paperless Post has great ones. Here are the holiday cards I have done for them, many featuring my kids. :) I almost forgot about this non-photo NY one! (Comes in both Brooklyn and New York versions.) A good one for this year.

  • Josh is usually the first one to announce what he wants as a gift, but this year keeps saying he doesn’t want anything! In years past, I’ve loved finding him interesting clothing he wouldn’t buy for himself, but seeing as we’re not going anywhere anytime soon that’s not really working for 2020. I recently came across this subscription sourdough bread delivery. The loaves come partially baked, and they send you homemade pastas and pastries too. Ingredient source and quality of food is a passion of his, so I think he will love this! They let you choose the frequency of delivery, and I love that the final step is baked at home so you truly have warm fresh bread coming out of the oven.

  • This holiday season has been a draining one! Lots of hard work, and not a lot of fun parties with smiling friends and warm hugs to balance it out. I’m daydreaming about wearing this dress (not usually into red or bows, but it’s so good here!) while drinking cocktails and laughing with friends as we close out this inexplicable year.

  • This is our last week of links for the year! Counter to my last post (as Dr. Becky says - two things are true!) I’m looking forward to stepping away from my computer and having some quiet family time. A friend recently sent these cute trees which I think I’ll try to make with India, and these are pretty cute too! Signing off on the year with the words of Maya Angelou close to my heart, “Be present in all things + thankful in all things.” Happy Holidays, friends ♥️.