You Might Also Like: A Real Desk + A Love Letter

You Might Also Like

A rundown of what we’re doing, watching, reading, coveting.
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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • I’ve been working at a ping pong table, covered in a bed sheet. And it’s worked pretty well. But I’ve spilled coffee on it, and it bunches, and I might be working here for a while. (?!?!?!?) So I finally bit the bullet and ordered a real desk. I was surprised that it was in stock because I found many nice affordable ones are not, like this one (20% off right now) which is backordered till summer. While I was ordering the desk on Ikea, I checked out what was new at the store (a favorite online pastime) and this pretty basket caught my eye. A great size for a kids laundry basket–not too big, not too small. And very pretty.

  • For those of you with kids doing remote learning – and I should interject here + follow that up by saying: Bravo, you. Braaaavo! – a friend sent me this which is pretty spot on. 

  • I’m trying (and often failing) to focus on the silver linings. Photographer John Moore highlighted a big one this week when he documented a pregnant COVID-19-positive mother who asked her older child’s ESL teacher to help take care of the COVID-19-free baby after it was born, knowing she wouldn’t be able to and knowing her husband would need the help at home. That initial ask turned into something else altogether when the mother was intubated, had an emergency c-section, and the father + son also tested positive for COVID-19 and were forced into quarantine. This incredible teacher has been caring for the newborn ever since. What an incredible human. You can see Moore’s documentation of this story in his on-going series: here, here, and here. It’s truly unbelievable the ways in which people are helping each other, and it gives me a lot of hope + strength–a big shiny silver lining.

  • I’m back !! And as I’ve said on other platforms, I can’t thank this community enough for being such amazing cheerleaders through this crazy time for us all. I know I am among the luckiest in this storm, and am so grateful for all the wonderful people around me. Mathias is 5 weeks now, and the five of us are in Rhode Island while we all ride this crazy wave. 

  • A poem only a true New Yorker could understand. I really felt the truth of every line in my soul and could envision myself (as I cried listening) over the last 16 years experiencing each of these things. “Just come back. Just return.”

  • My mom shared this yeast-free pizza dough recipe with me, and we made it last night. It took almost no time, is made from ingredients you probably have on hand, and was a great simple meal! Living in New York, I don’t know the last time I made pizza over ordering it, but this was the perfect easy meal. We made half with one-to-one gluten free flour and half with regular white flour.