You Might Also Like: Snail Mail, Music + Don’t-Call-it-Garbage-TV

You Might Also Like

A rundown of what we’re doing, watching, reading, coveting.
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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.

Hi friends! 

Liz here while Lizzy is out on maternity leave. 

I have been going to bed so much later than usual because it’s my only alone time, and I don’t want it to end!! This week, we’ve been tuning into The Tweedy Show, Jeff Tweedy’s (of Wilco) hour long Instagram live stream from their house from 10-11pm. His wife Susie films him and their two sons as they take song requests. Their son Spencer plays the drums (and sometimes uses Bananagrams in replacement thereof) and their son Sammy has the most beautiful voice. It’s an incredibly intimate look at them as a unit–the usual family banter and debate and encouragement of each other–mixed in with beautiful, mostly acoustic, songs. If you like Wilco’s music, or even music in general, I highly recommend tuning in. They are also posting them on YouTube here if you can’t stay up.

I’m all about the snail mail right now and personally think the Post Office is saving us all through staying connected to one another. And in a way that Zoom can’t even touch. My favorite work supply company, Appointed, has just released custom stationery. It’s simple + sweet and would make a nice gift or gift to yourself to encourage the writing of letters. There’s nothing like receiving something in the mail from a friend. And thru tonight, they’re offering it at 25% off. Check it out here.

We are thinking of you all, our customers and friends, all the time. How can we offer you some lightness, what can we do for you, how can we ease your pain just a little bit. It’s at the forefront of our every move as a company right now. This week, as the tiniest measure of that, we started putting these little cards into all our shipments. The blue iris is a sign of faith + hope–to remind you of brighter days ahead. It’s the tiniest thing, but I’m finding right now that it’s the little things making a big difference in my everyday experience, and we hope it lifts your heart just a little bit. 

Heading into the weekend, reflecting on this week’s bright spots:

  • No shame in this game. It’s garbage, but it’s my garbage, and I freaking love it. My friend said that watching it the other night was the first time she’s felt truly distracted in over a month. So maybe it’s actually not even close to garbage!
  • We’re just one episode into the Michael Jordan docu-series on ESPN, The Last Dance, and it’s so fun + fascinating to revisit this time in the 90s through the lense of a childhood hero. I’m loving it. Thank goodness there are ten episodes. Need these things to look forward to! 

Sending you all a big hug. See you back here next week.