Affordable Art for the Nursery

Three years ago, while visiting a friend in Mexico City, Liz found a wheat wall hanging and brought it home to use in her nursery. We ended up using it in one of our early photoshoots and get asked about it all the time. So we thought it would be fun to pull together a few of our favorite pieces + sources to serve as inspiration for you + your space! As always, if you love it, the more it will work in your space. Ship it off to Simply Framed, our favorite high quality custom framer–getting it back from them is like a beautiful surprise party.
Liz + Lizzy

From top left:

Peonies 1
Original painting, Caitlin McGauley

Vintage Scarf
The original has a lime green border, which we'd trim + re-sew, then send to Simply Framed for mounting + framing.

Art print, Jenny Garrido 

Mimosa With Cherries
Art print, Léa Maupetit

Vintage Lace
block-printed vintage lace, Caroline Z Hurley

Blue Garden
Art print, Christopher David Ryan

Blue Jaguar 
original paper cut, Stacey Elaine

Art print, Mary Matson