You Might Also Like: Pretty paper napkins + fall coziness

You Might Also Like

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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • My favorite soap company just announced they’re debuting my all-time favorite beauty product, lip balm! Infused with CBD oil! Intrigued, excited, can’t wait. 

  • I was so excited to get Amanda Jane Jones’ new children’s book Yum Yummy Yuck this week. It illustrates (beautifully) things that are yum, yummy and yuck. Griffin guessed that the illustrations were stenciled. Louise and James giggled at the “yuck” pages, with James chiming in, picking up on the pattern right away. It’s a super cute one if you’re looking! Would be fun to gift it with some seaweed pajamas and ask the recipient if seaweed is yum or yuck? (Our kids love the dried stuff so it’s definitely a yum in our house.) 

  • Always a buyer when it comes to a good paper napkin, and these are so pretty for Fall.

  • I might be late to this, but I just discovered the men’s line Bode New York, and I’m obsessed. If I could afford it I’d buy every single shirt for Josh. I’m rarely taken very quickly by a menswear line, but the patchwork like this and this, really grabbed me. I’m calling it menswear but I also love how androgynous it is. 

  • Since last year I’ve had samples of our new Muslin Quilted Baby Blankets and have gotten so much use out of them ! They are super cozy. India sleeps with hers every night, and in early spring Major used it as a very cuddly stroller blanket. I’m excited to bring his back out in the stroller now that the temperature’s dropping. 

  • One of my favorite kid’s lines Les Gamins launched their fall line yesterday, and I'm obsessed with the thought of Major in these overalls