You Might Also Like: Oprah read us a book + a seat I’d like to sit in

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A rundown of what we’re doing, watching, reading, coveting.
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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • I’ve been taking weekly tennis lessons since last October with an awesome group of women. We meet every Thursday night at 7:30pm, and that hour has become such a bright spot in my week. Part physical challenge, part ladies night. I want to keep it up forever! We’ve been rallying more in practice, which means we need to have the tennis balls ready to go, which means upgrading to tennis GEAR. I was reluctant to get a skirt. They’re so short! I texted my sister in law Lesley who plays doubles. What to do?! She immediately sent me “long” skirt options. I went with this one, and it sat in my closet for three weeks. It’s still pretty short, and I’m not even a real tennis player! I texted Lesley again with my reservations. She texted back: “Remember who we’re channeling here” along with a photo of the queen. It worked! I wore the skirt the next week (with leggings underneath) and I felt serious!! I don’t think it’s helped my game, but it’s definitely altered my mental state. So my heart leapt a little when I saw Serena’s latest outfit choice for the French Open, (designed by Virgil Abloh and Nike) featuring the French words for “champion,” “queen,” “mother” and “goddess”. Spirit animal, always and forever.  

  • Louise listens to books on tape (online, really, but “books on tape” speaks my language) during rest time at school. They use Storyline Online, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s children’s literacy website that streams videos featuring actors and public figures reading children’s books–like Betty White, Al Gore, and Rashida Jones. We watched a few over the weekend, and I loved them! (Also - for us, it scratches the itch of “screen time” but it could definitely just be audio–doesn’t necessarily need the visuals if you’d rather not involve a screen.) Oprah reading this book was a great one, because, as you’d expect, she’s a great dramatic reader, and it’s a great story. And this beautiful book made me cry.

  • John and I recently went to BonBon, a Swedish candy shop in the city, and I’m already dying to go back. I’m a huge black licorice fan (outlier, I know) and no one does it better than the Swedes. Plus, they have the yummiest gummy candy AND pretty gift boxes to tuck in their gorgeous lavender shopping bags. Highly recommend a visit to this cute shop if you’re in town. They now serve ice cream! (The video they posted in there is worth a watch! Love their sense of humor.)

  • Do you have one workout you always return to ? Whether I’m in my best or worst shape, I always come back to this interval run when I want to go to the gym, but don’t have a plan. It’s not long and I find it engaging to constantly change pace + incline. When I’m in my worst shape I huff and puff, and sometimes jump off the treadmill here and there, and when I’m in my best shape it feels easy, and I might even tack on a run at the end. Walking breaks make any run unintimidating, so I’m always game! I should mention that Barry’s are my favorite classes (the origin of this run).

  • I have a major crush on these chairs as a fun accent.

  • This quinoa has been on repeat in my house in our favorite instant pot. It is SO simple, and requires nothing more than chopping a few veggies and tossing everything in. These are all ingredients I keep in the house, plus you can really add any veggies that are sitting in the fridge. I often leave out the cheese and almonds because I don’t always have them on hand, and it’s still perfect. Major loves it as much as the rest of us!