Father's Day Gift Guide 2019 | Lewis


Gifts for Dads is always a challenge! This year, we upped the ante with a few ideas that he might not have thought of himself–a brand that he might not know of, a shirt featuring simply + sweetly the name of a favorite seafood dish, a cool but practical hat for summer, and not to forget the DIY Father's Day card you can do with your kids. We hope you find something here for the Dads in your life! 

Liz + Lizzy

from top left:

Souper Cubes ($40) For the dad who likes to craft in the kitchen--is there ever the right size container for storing his lovingly made bone broth?

Obra Sneakers ($140)  Finding sneaker brands guys don’t know about is hard! We love this brand and their bright, clean, unique look.

Straw Sun Hat - ($13.69) - We love this cute lifeguard hat for full sun coverage this summer, whether you’re in the garden, at the beach or park, or walking around town.

DIY Father’s Day Card (free) - A cute MadLibs-style card we made for our own kids that we thought would be fun to share with you! We especially love the responses we’ve gotten to the page: “If you were an animal, you would be a _______ because ____________.” Download the card here, print it out, cut on the dotted line and assemble with a stapler or tape.  

Katie Kimmel T-shirt ($25) - A fun nod to a favorite dish.

BonBon gift box ($15+) - We love this Swedish candy as a gift on its own because it’s all so delicious + special, but we especially love it paired with movie tickets or even a Netflix movie suggestion / date!

Athletic Brewing Co. Non-Alcoholic IPA ($12.99/6-pack) - An IPA-flavored beverage he can drink all day without any alcohol effect.

Tie Dye socks ($12) or make your own! - We love tie dye, and if Dad isn’t feeling a whole t-shirt of it, then this amount of it is just right + super cute!

Titanium Coffee Press ($55) for camping with Partner’s Coffee ($15.25) - because all parents need good coffee, and Dad loves to camp!