You Might Also Like: Two Film Recs + Bedtime Songs

You Might Also Like

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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • You may have heard the high praise for the new Netlfix documentary My Octopus Teacher, and I’m here to give you more. It follows a filmmaker on his nearly year-long journey of observing (via freediving) and interacting with one octopus off the coast of South Africa. We watched it with our kids, and it was beautiful in all the ways. 

  • David Byrne’s American Utopia debuts on HBO this Saturday October 17th at 8pm. It was first a tour, then a broadway show, now a Spike Lee-produced special. It’s not the same as the in-real-life experience (do I even need this disclaimer?!) but it still captures the genius and artistry of him and the whole production team. When we went to see it last year, I was telling everyone I knew to go see it. If you like his music or even semi-like his music or like music in general, I highly recommend a watch. It’ll be available on demand starting this Sunday October 18th.

  • Cute (and free!) color-in Biden / Harris window sign printable we’ll be doing this weekend!

  • Isn’t it funny, the songs we sing to our kids at bedtime ? A friend told me a few years ago that she often sang Lisa Loeb to her boys because they were the only lyrics she knew and that really made me laugh. Over the last 8 months or so India is always asking for songs she doesn’t know. I realized the other day that almost my whole rotation is Peter, Paul + Mary (specifically Puff The Magic Dragon, If I Had A Hammer, and Leaving on a Jet Plane). I love India asking for the “on my doorstep” song. The other night we played it while I was making dinner and it brought me such joy to hear her singing along to one of my favorite songs. It reminded me of doing the dishes with my mom as a child, Paul Simon blasting on the radio. Maybe his songs will our next rotation.

  • Are you watching The Vow on HBO ? It’s not often I can go super dark with my television choices, but after Abby set the scene for me I knew I had to watch. With such real time headlines about Nxvim, the cult, I was intrigued to know how people ever get so involved in a cult like this. Let me tell you, The Vow does not disappoint and I’ve still got a few episodes to go ! 

  • An old but great podcast on parenting and marriage--in conversation with a great expert Wendy Mogel. 

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