You Might Also Like: Travel-friendly kids craft + The Ultimate Packing Org

You Might Also Like

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  • We have a lot of kids’ birthday parties on the calendar this spring, and these are my current go-to gifts: our Tiny Artist Gift Set, these cute flower clips, monogrammed XL Zip Pouch with all the colored string for bracelet making, this ABC-prompt drawing book + a set of these pretty pencil-shaped crayons. Wrapped in our cute gift wrap sheets, of course.

  • Whenever we travel, I bring along a kid-friendly craft for downtime. Recently, I brought this cute wooden bird embroidery kit with us, and Griffin and Louise loved it. It took them a minute to get the hang of it, but once they did, they were on a roll and were so proud of the end result, which we hung up + got to enjoy. A cute one for the 8-12yr old range.

  • For Easter, we made Odette Williams’ Versatile Coconut Cake–a delicious example of an unfussy enjoy-at-all-times-of-day treat. Just like all that Easter candy! Except a touch healthier. :)

  • Who are you gifting our Mother’s Day Gift Set to this year? It’s a cute one!! The Le Bon Shoppe socks are a dream and look so cute. The Pink Grapefruit lip balm was touted as Oprah’s favorite, and we agree! (Also appreciate that they’re 100% all-natural, cruelty-free, and packaged in eco-friendly containers.) The Honeysuckle hand cream feels and smells so nice! And our cute Eye Mask that your recipient will hopefully get to use! Everything tucks neatly into our Arugula Zip Pouch in our pretty Blush color. All such a treat!! You can see me run through it all here for a closer look!

    • It’s deck season, and this pool is so pretty I might want it even if I didn’t have kids!

    • I always pack three kids and myself in one suitcase when we travel, so after seeing a lot of hype about packing cubes, I decided to try them for spring break. I’m a total convert ! I love that I can pull out a neatly packed square for each child and separate them without exploding a whole suitcase.

    • As usual, I want to buy the entire Apolina Kids line for spring–it is gorgeous and ethereal, and I never tire of their styles.

    • I’ve said it before, but our XL pouch has become my go-to gift for everyone from new babies to friends who have hosted us! It’s so fun to add their names with our new monogramming.
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