You Might Also Like: Summer of Slides + New England Summer

You Might Also Like

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  • I know I said I would banish my Adidas slides in lieu of these beauties. And for the most part, that is true. But I don’t want to go trudging through the park (after off-leash hours no less!) wearing my nice new shoes. So I bring back the ol Adidas ones for those occasions. But there’s a new Adidas kid on the block and she cute! Never too many slides?!

  • My favorite soap bar company just released liquid hand soaps! Soap is weirdly (but not recently weird I guess) one of my favorite things to gift. Pair one of these hand soaps with a Lewis tray and some napkins for the best host gift!  

  • I’ve been gifting these Zip Pouch Sets to friends this spring as a welcome-back-to-life gift as they plan to travel to see friends and family for the first time this summer. It’s still such a weird time, and it feels really good to make plans of traveling + gathering!

  • Dax Shepard mentioned this song on a podcast and I immediately searched for it. It’s a pretty good laugh if you need one (and apparently he has a Netflix special too)!

  • We’re headed up to Rhode Island this weekend to celebrate my mom’s 70th. 🎉 It looks a little chilly, as all good New England Junes are, so our bags are filled with nothing but matching sweatsuits (+hopeful bathing suits jic). 

  • I have a bunch of these in a cart ready to purchase because a mom friend said they’re a huge hit for standing at the water’s edge. Kid’s can keep tossing them into the ocean, and they keep surfing back to you.

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