You Might Also Like: Neon Pillows + Our Sweats Launch

You Might Also Like

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  • I am so thrilled our sweatsuits are finally out in the world! We’ve been wearing the samples nonstop, and we are obsessed with them. They wear beautifully, they wash + dry well, they feel incredible to the touch. I can go on + on. You can check it all out here.

  • We played Sequence last weekend with my siblings and it was so fun. It’s a good one for a group to play when you’re also trying to keep tabs on kids. You don’t have to think TOO hard, but it has a little bit of strategy to it, and the team aspect makes it fun. I can see this becoming our family summer board game. 

  • I’m a huge fan of Portland, Maine based artist, Chloe May Brown. I’ve long loved her blue + white ceramic work that shows the hand at work in both form and tiny painted detail. They truly make my heart sing. She recently launched some textiles I’m loving, specifically the more colorful ones that feel extra cheerful right now, like this big bolster pillow and these cute bright square ones. Her bucket hat is also super cute! See all her new things here.

  • I know we haven’t stopped talking about them, but have you checked out our new sweats ? They are four of the cutest sweatsuits, two adorable dresses, and a women’s sweatshirt. We’re over the moon with how everything turned out because the cotton is the softest + most perfect weight. The colors are perfect + so are the prints. Our kids have been living in them and love them as much as we do. No surprise that India’s favorite is the India Dress, and the two prints are in constant rotation. 

  • Father’s Day is coming up ! Josh loves a hot sauce and I think this DIY Kit, I found via The Strategist is super fun. 

  • I’ve mentioned before that Josh is pretty particular about what ingredients can be in our snacks (slight eye roll, but I appreciate it too) so lately we’ve been popping a lot of stovetop popcorn. Three flavor combos have really come out as family favorites: The kids love good old fashioned butter and cinnamon (sometimes we mix it up with pumpkin pie spice). My favorite is Coconut Aminos and Nutritional Yeast. And another recent winner for me is some Avocado Oil Spray + Everything Bagel Seasoning (and yes I bought this giant container).

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